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1. How do I place an order?

  • After selecting your products and you are in the cart, click on the COMPLETE ORDER button.
  • Fill in the shipping details and billing details.
  • Choose the payment method, accept the terms of use and complete your order.
  • Upon successful completion you will see a summary of the order and you will receive a corresponding email.
  • It is not necessary to register on the site in order to be able to make purchases.

2. What are the payment methods?

  • COD on delivery of the product. In this case the customer will not be charged extra.
  • Credit or debit card via Pay Pal.
  • Bank deposit. See details here

3. Is there security in transactions?
The Website uses the SSL protocol, for secure online commercial transactions. In this way all your personal information is encrypted, such as your credit card number, name and address, so that they can not be read or changed during their transfer via the Internet. The SSL certificate of "PHILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOS ». SSL (SecureSocketsLayer) is now the global standard for identifying websites to network users and for encrypting data between network users and web servers.

4. Can I cancel my order?
"FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" gives you the opportunity to cancel your order within 2 hours of placing it by phone at 2610625755 or via email at

5. Why is my credit not accepted?
There may be several possible reasons why your credit card is not accepted and in this case you should contact your bank for information.

6. Where do I go in case of a problem with my order?
In case you encounter any problems regarding your order, please contact us in the following ways:

Through the special contact form that you will find here
by phone at 2610625755 from Monday to Saturday 9am - 2pm.
via e-mail at

7. Can I add a product to the order I just placed?
In this case you have to place a new order.

8. What do I do if a product is missing from my order?
In this case, contact us by phone at 2610625755 from Monday to Saturday 9am - 2pm. or via e-mail ( to solve the problem.

9. What do I do if I receive something that was not in my order?
In this case you inform us by phone at 2610625755 from Monday to 9am - 2pm. or via e-mail ( to solve the problem.

10. You have confirmed my order but I have received an e-mail informing me that there is no stock for this product. Why did this happen?
Unfortunately, despite the fact that our system during the execution of your order, showed that there is stock in this product, during its collection from our warehouse it was found that there was no availability. In this rare case we are obliged to cancel your order at no charge to you.

Shipping & Delivery
1. Which transport companies do you work with?
For shipments within Greece, "FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" cooperates with the company ACS.

2. How long do I receive my order and at what cost?
Greece - In all orders the shipping costs are FREE.

Shipments to the wider region of Greece are made within 2-3 working days.


All orders registered until 13:00 (Greek time), are processed by us on the same day, while beyond this time the orders are processed the next day. All orders placed on Friday after 13:00 (Greek time) and throughout the weekend, are processed on Monday.

3. Has the delivery of my order been delayed? What should I do;
In this case, inform us by phone at + 30 2610 625 755 from Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm. or via e-mail ( to solve the problem.

4. What happens in case I am absent during the delivery of my order?
If the goods arrive at your destination and you are away, ACS will try 2 more times, in the next working days, so that they can deliver your order to you. In case the shipment is not achieved then your order is automatically returned to us where we undertake to contact you again.

5. The VAT is included in the price?
The VAT of products is included in the listed price.

Returns & Refunds
1. What is the return policy?
"FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" provides you with the opportunity to return a product within 15 days from the date of receipt and replace it with another from our store


  • Prerequisite is that the product is in its original packaging and in the same excellent condition in which you received it along with the retail sales receipt and including the special markings of the product (cards).
  • . All products returned to the warehouses of "FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" are subject to meticulous quality control.

Returns are accepted exclusively at the headquarters of our company:


Maizonos 80, Patra, 26221

+30 2610 625 755

Is there a charge for the return?

In case the reason for return concerns a mistake of the company, "FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" undertakes to send a courier again to the address you have assigned to us for the receipt of the order at its own expense. In case the consumer wants the return of his order without the fault of the company then the shipping costs are borne by the consumer himself. From the moment the product leaves you, "FILIPPA APOSTOLOPOULOU" receives it within 1-2 working days for returns within Greece and through ACS COURIER. In case you choose other transport companies, we can not provide any guarantee for the delivery times of the products you return to us. After receiving the product, we will immediately process your request and inform you by e-mail or phone about how to process it.